Profile Tips

When you write your biker dating profile, do you know what things to do and what not to do? It might be a good idea to provide some concrete examples. The next few paragraphs are examples taken from various profiles around the internet. Some of them are great, some of them need a little work.

Example # 1:
SWM ISO W/BSF 20-30 who is looking for a great time with someone who is debonair, a great listener, loves the outdoors, and always interested in finding someone for a LTR.  

Example # 2: 
Greetings Fellow Chopper Lovers! My quest is to find the most unique, lovable, quirky, Harley Davidson riding, beautiful woman in the world! I humbly offer my services as your knight in shining leather armor and frequent rides on the back of my steel horse throughout our kingdom. No need to be a damsel in distress – I'd rather have a queen to rule my world!  

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Example #3 
Nerdy Bikers- your search is over!  I’m a well built, intelligent, blond biker chick who knows the difference between an oil line and a taillight.  I’m great on the road, friendly to those I meet, and loyal to my chosen biker love.  Currently searching for a man to share the road, the ride, and my life with – race and age unimportant, but must be willing to enjoy life to the fullest. 

Example # 4
Would love to ride off into the sunset with you! I'm a SWF, unattached and free beautiful and sexy woman that wants to make all your fantasies come true. I love the thrill of the ride, especially when I'm sharing it with someone just like you. Call me 2day- I will make sure you don't regret ur choice.

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Example # 5
When you ask my friends to describe me, the words “spark plug” always seems to be said. I'm energetic, lively, honest, very friendly, and always able to bring a smile to just about everyone I meet. I absolutely adore the Muppets, friendly races down lonely stretches of highway, and knocking back a few beers at the end of a long ride. I'm searching for a gay man, somewhere between the age of 25 and 45 who is not afraid of being out, being proud, and being real. Race in unimportant, but your health is. Do you share my love of motorcycles, Kermit, and all things bright and beautiful?

Example # 6

I'm secure in who I am, happy and realize that life was meant to be shared! I enjoy riding my bike no matter the weather, dogs with sloppy kisses, bluegrass music, comedy clubs, and keeping things surprising and romantic. I am a gentleman who has made his own way with success, and have the ability to treat you the way you should be treated. I am always on the lookout for my one true love, a healthy woman who is secure in who she is, what she wants and what she can bring to the table. Feel free to contact me if interested in a conversation, and possibly more.

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