Biker Lifestyle

Ride to live on the motorcycle roads with biker partners

Almost all motorcycle bikers know the feelings of freedom and excitement that a wonderful motorcycle touring can bring. And those feelings will be enhanced with the sheer natural beauty wonders and fascinating landscapes along the roads. If you want to take a motorcycle ride to get closer to enjoy the nature, here lists some of the best places in North America for you where you can take your motorcycle for a spin alone, or invite some biker partners to ride with you.

Bikers are a Special Breed Apart Looking for Specially Biker Match

Bikers are born to ride as a special breed apart. Whether you ride with a classic like a Harley, or would rather enjoy a Kawasaki motorcycle, there is simply something about being on a bike that makes nearly everything a bit more sensible. There is room for individuality, a demand for integrity, and yes, even responsibility. There is a pride of being responsible for your own destiny, for making things right, and really only answering to yourself and for yourself.

Motorcycle Love Affair Spanning the Years

The affair with the motorcycle began well before the modern bikes of today. In fact, depending on who you ask, the first motorcycle ever invented was built way back in 1867 by an American named Sylvester Howard Roper. It was a steam powered, two cylinders, two wheeled bike that ran with the help of coal. It was truly a marvel for its time, although few people would consider it as revolutionary as its predecessors to come. It wasn’t until nearly eighteen years later in 1885 that the first gas engine motorcycle by Gottlieb Daimler was tested for the first time. It was a wooden bicycle that had a gasoline engine attached to it. Not exactly the safest contraption ever built, but one that sparked the imagination and drive of everyone around it. Ever since then, riders and manufacturers alike have been riding, and improving the ride.

Biker Lifestyle Means Nothing is Better than Riding that You Would not Trade for the World

It can be difficult to find someone to truly share your life, and your lifestyle on a serious basis. The purpose of this blog site is to help you do just that, using the latest resources available. But do not worry, if you are not a biker yet, but are considering entering into this vibrant lifestyle, this website is ready for you as well. While the more experienced bikers can search for a friend or lover, I invite you to be biker to explore just a small part of the biker lifestyle. But remember, no matter where you start reading this article, the whole purpose is help you find exactly what you need to make sure your life is as fulfilling and fun as it can be.