5 Online Biker Dating Tips to Take Your Biker Relationship Offline

If you’re anything like one of the male Harley riders and female Harley riders, chances are you probably know at least one or two biker girls or biker guys who have tried online biker dating websites. Internet-initiated biker relationships are at all time one of the most popular options for biker women and biker men. As a result, it’s now nearly as common to meet local bikers and find a compatible motorcycle girls or motorcycle guys on the free motorcycle dating websites as it is to be introduced through blind date by other close biker friends or family members. 

Yet the evolving online motorcycle dating norms and rules surrounding online motorcycle dating industry can be difficult to master for a huge number of motorcycle women as well as motorcycle men. Aside from what the name implies, online motorcycle dating platform are more like a platform for introduction services instead of the service which set up a Harley guy and Harley girls together. At least as the Harley women and Harley man are used to think that it’s a connection formed online, so maybe it will take some time and effort to bring it offline with the like-minded biker chick or biker dude they are interested in. For this reason, the success of a new relationship between the biker chick and biker dude often hinges on the first attempt of trying to bring things offline.

The following are 3 research-based online biker dating tips that can help when motorcycle dudes and motorcycle chicks try to take things offline. 

1.Set your expectations low.

Some of my own research on 7 largest online biker dating sites has shown that the first offline date with the exact man biker and women biker can often cause a decline in attraction at most times. According to the experts of online biker dating websites, this is because of the tendency for motorcycle chicks and motorcycle dudes to idealize their potential biker girlfriend or biker boyfriend by making assumptions. For instance, Jenny Wong, a 27 year-old biker lady who has been oon online motorcycle dating websites for more than 3 years, said that 3 out of 4 times she get disappointed by the appearance of her biker gentlemen during the first date because she couldn’t help but convincing herself that this motorcycle gentlemen will be the perfect Mr.Right.  Although some disappointment may be expected on online motorcycle dating websites, if you find the other Harley chicks and Harley dudes isn’t at all what you imagined, it’s okay to move on.

2. Take it offline as soon as possible. Another common way to develop unrealistic expectations for your motorcycle ladies or motorcycle gentlemen is spending a tremendous amount of time to get to know the single Harley rider online. Studies of online biker dating relationships suggest taking the relationship with the biker dude or biker chick offline within about two weeks from when you first started talking. 

3. Be honest. Even the last online motorcycle dating rule sounds pretty obvious, but it is still of great importance for us to address it. Be honest with not only your Harley motorcycle rider, but also yourself.