Most Common Excuses of not Texting Back

On all sorts of biker dating sites, texts occupy a significant place in terms of building emotions between motorcycle man and motorcycle women. A tremendous amount of biker boyfriend and biker girlfriend, even biker marriages are developed from a simple message on one of the Harley dating websites. However, today’s biker dating tip is not about how to ask your ideal Harley man or Harley women out on free biker dating sites, nor the tricks on how to hold a conversation with your biker guy or biker chicks, but the most common excuses of not texting male Harley rider or female Harley rider back. It is completely normal to not feel like replying, but it is a bit tricky to tell a accidentally forgotten text and an intentionally forgotten one. Thus if you receive a text from your man biker or women biker which looks familiar with any of the texts bellow, there is a big chance that he/she is lying.

1. I’m sorry but I’ve never received your message!
This is a typical bad excuse and will only come to the mind of your biker gentleman or biker lady when he/she is out of source. Blaming the phone company is not the best option since the chance of a message getting lost mysteriously in the high-tech world is slimmer than your cheating ex becoming loyal again.

2. My phone died and I had to charge my phone.
Well, this could happen in real life, but also a pretty plausible excuse to use. Let’s say the phone of your motorcycle boyfriend or motorcycle girlfriend had really dried out, if he/she really doesn’t want to miss any of the messages, he/she wouldn’t have left his/her phone uncharged for a long time knowing you mind be expecting their replies.

3. I was on my Harley Davidson bike that I didn’t get a chance to reply!
This excuse seems to be perfectly valid since every Harley motorcycle rider’s first concern when riding on a Davidson bike is safety. But it is also known as a commonly used lie to justify oneself from not texting back. It is true you can’t blame your Harley women or Harley man for ignoring your text while riding on a giant two wheeled machine, but it gets sketchy when it happens too many times.

4. I already composed the message, but forgot to press send.
Well, I guess this message will leave most Harley motorcycle lover speechless since it can’t seem to be more idiotic but at the same time, makes sense. This could be true if your biker chick or biker dude is clumsy during the most times, otherwise, your Harley rider is lying.

5. I figured it’s better to talk face to face.
Me too, every one else thinks so. But does your Harley chick or Harley dude really have to use it as an excuse to not reply and show that they take it seriously at the same time? Wouldn’t it be an invitation of a motorcycle riding together if your biker partner really want to spend time with you?