How I met my biker girl

Thanks to the rapidly developed online biker dating websites, an increasing amount of single Harley riders have found the love of their life: either it is a biker girls or biker guy who are passionate about Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle, or biker women as well as biker man who are constantly riding on their Harley Davidson bike to enjoy the joy of speed and excitement. After hearing about all the expert Harley dating advice and tips, maybe it is time for you, thousands upon thousands of male Harley riders as well as female Harley riders to hear about one tiny, but real, also romantic love story between my girlfriend and I, a motorcycle chick and motorcycle dude.

It all started on one of the most famous free motorcycle dating sites called where a huge number of Harley girls as well as Harley guys gather together in hope of finding a like minded biker lady or biker gentleman to share their life with. On the very first day I signed up an account on the biker dating site, I have gotten a full list of matches with different Harley women as well as Harley men. However, there is only one biker babe who has truly caught my eye because she seems to be so authentic, beautiful and real.

In no time, I sent her the very first message saying Hi. Unfortunately, I have gotten no reply. As what she told me later on, it was because she got a tremendous amount of similar messages from biker chicks and biker dudes saying simply Hi and What’s up, which made her pretty bored and tired. Luckily, I kept on trying since I want to get to know this blond motorcycle chick with freckles on her pink cheek. Thus I asked a question: would you go on a ride with me on my Harley Davidson bike? I guess it is the case with every motorcycle enthusiast on biker dating sites, no one could resist an invitation for a ride. Then there is where the love story between the motorcycle babe and I really started.

We didn’t go to a fancy restaurant to have French escargots and wine for the first date like most of the motorcycle chicks and motorcycle dudes, in fact, it was my biker babe who suggested to go for a local food stand where we have had the best cheese burger in the world. And I am lucky to meet a biker chick who is not afraid of taking initiatives and who doesn’t stick to the biker dating rule of playing hard to get.

After the first date between the two biker babes, we just started dating and things have gone extremely well because we are so compatible with each other. It has been two years since we have been dating and my motorcycle babe and I decided to take things to the next level in order to maintain the relationship. Finding love on motorcycle dating sites is not that hard, it only takes a bit patience and love.