What Bikers Should Do Before the Motorcycle Adventure

Although motorcycle adventures are all about freedom and excitement, safety is an extremely important part of the riding. Without safe riding, single motorcycle riders don’t even have the chance to experience the pleasure of motorcycle trip, and the dating with a biker girl may fail at the end. Here are some things that biker men and biker women should do and know before they riding out.

First, Harley riders should do a thorough check-over of their motorcycle. Make sure the tires are in good condition and good pressure. Take a few minutes to inspect the belt or chain for wear and weak spots. And sit astride your motorcycle and test your brakes. If any of the wheel can be moved when a lever is fully pulled in or depressed, don’t ride your bike until the problem is fixed. Besides, check the engine oil, the coolant levels and the fuel levels. If anything needs topping up, get it done before you hit the road! What’s more, it is a great habit for biker men and biker women to check the weather report for the days you will be riding outdoors.

Then comes to the regulations and the rules for motorcycle riding in the states where you will be traveling. Although all 50 states in the United States require some forms of motorcycle-specific licensing or endorsement on the standard driver’s license, motorcycle license or endorsement is valid on another state with a passenger vehicle driver’s license. And the specifics of riding gear may be different from states to states, whether it is helmet, handlebar height, passenger footrest, goggles, mirrors, muffler, daytime lights and so on.

Let's take a look at those regulations in some states. The safety helmet requirements often depend on the age and sometimes the riding years of the bikers. And in Virginia and the District of Columbia, radar detective are not allowed, while some states only allow headphones on one ear. Besides, the insurance requirements may differ from state to state, which need bikers to check the requirements of the states they will visit and make sure they are covered before riding out. Or things may be complicated if something happens.

What's more, the speed limits on highways and other roads may vary among states in America as well. Single Harley riders need to make sure they know the rules. Of course, there is only one law is the same within the United States is the maximum allowed blood alcohol concentration is 0.8mg/ml, no matter which states you prepare to ride.