Ride to live on the motorcycle roads with biker partners

Almost all motorcycle bikers know the feelings of freedom and excitement that a wonderful motorcycle touring can bring. And those feelings will be enhanced with the sheer natural beauty wonders and fascinating landscapes along the roads. If you want to take a motorcycle ride to get closer to enjoy the nature, here lists some of the best places in North America for you where you can take your motorcycle for a spin alone, or invite some biker partners to ride with you.

American Highway 50, West Virginia
American Highways 50 is one of the most desolate roads in the world with about 3000 miles in length, known as “the loneliest road of America”. Although this road is sparsely populated, there are many Indian tribes, and the famous Death Valley is located in there. At the same time, it can take you into the most beautiful American countryside and cultural relics. Surely, this road is suitable for bikers to take an adventure alone or in a group.

Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia
It is nearly 500 miles, winding through the southern Appalachian Mountains, connecting the Shenandoah National Park and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and crossing the boundary of North California and Tennessee. Riding on this road at 40 mph or 50 mph can make you enjoy the surroundings as safe as possible. Of course, the Blue Ridge Parkway is the best place for biker couples to go dating, or for biker singles to meet other bikers or motorcycle enthusiasts.

Beartooth Highway, Wyoming
Are you an adventurer on motorcycling? Do you want to take a risk? From the incredible mountains to dense forest, from rivers to snow mountain, Beartooth Highway is regarded as the first choice of motorcycle riding in the US because of the beautiful and wild scenery. You can see many bikers riding their motorcycles across the twisty mountain roads, and there are over 200 camping spots for motorcycle riders to have a motorcycle camping night. So Beartooth Highway absolutely is a romantic place for motorcycle enthusiasts to meet and date other biker singles, relax themselves, enjoy freedom, and share the passion with other like-minded friends.

Tunnel of Trees Road, Michigan
There is no doubt that this road is one of the great forest routes in North America. It is located at the junction of Michigan and Upper Peninsula Michigan. The early autumn is the best time to ride a motorcycle through this Tunnel of Trees Road through the whole year. At the same time, autumn is also the most romantic time for biker singles to date.

In fact, there are many other beautiful motorcycle roads in the US. But these roads are the top four for biker couples to go dating, or for biker singles to meet other motorcycle riders. On these motorcycle roads, bikers not only can see many incredible landscapes and take some adventures, but also make friends with other bikers who have the same interest with them or even find a life partner with Harley motorcycle.