How to Have a Perfect Motorcycle Riding Dating as a Passenger

You are dating a biker man who is really cool and handsome. And your biker boyfriend wants a riding dating with you. Then you need to think. The first question you need to ask yourself is that do you really trust this biker guy. Trust goes first when things related to your life, especially riding as a passenger on the back of a motorcycle. If you are sure of it, then go do it. But if you doubt it , just say no and let time find that trust for you. However, you can ask your biker man a few questions to remove your worries. Questions like: How long have you been riding? How long have you been riding this bike? Have you ever ridden with a passenger before?

It is fantastic to have a motorcycle dating with your dear biker man, which will show you another way to get closer connection with the one you care about. Apart from motorcycle rider’s experiences and abilities, biker babes need to develop their own.

1. Proper gear is the second important factor to a pleasant riding dating for both bikers and passengers. A full-face helmet is a must to protect both motorcycle rider and biker girls from injuries. Try your best to fasten the chin strap snugly to avoid falling down. Over-the-ankle boots are also wore to protect the skin. Leather gloves should match the size of you biker women and fasten tightly around the wrists.

2. Biker ladies should know that although denim is popular, it cannot protect you. It is comfortable to wear denim, but when it is not the best material for bikers to wear when riding on the road. Leather is always the first choice, followed by heavy-weave Cordura nylon.

3. Before the riding dating, biker girls and biker men need to make yourselves clear about what you expect from each other and the motorcycle riding dating, how long can you ride on the motorcycle, what types of roads you two both like and so on.

4. Biker babes who never ride as a passenger need to ask the motorcycle rider men to instruct you how and when to mount the bike, where you can place your feet and how to hold on. And creating the signs of communication during the riding, which will make it easy for both bikers and passenger to talk.

5. To be relaxed is the key for biker girls to have a pleasant riding dating with their dream biker men. Remember to be physically in tune with the rider and the bike. When in turns, biker passengers need to keep the body fluid and move with the bike. Abrupt moves will cause problems in handling the bike for motorcycle rider.

6. As the biker girl of the motorcycle riders, you are always free to tell your biker men how you are feeling on the bike. It’s good for both of you. Let the rider know you are uncomfortable and make adjustments. He also wants the best for his biker babe.