Advices for First Night Date of Biker couples

Biker couples dating in the night after a riding travel.
As modern biker girls, they must have heard there are “dating rules” since they are younger. By the time they reach their mid-twenties, they have heard all the details of the rules. Many single biker girls think that these rules won’t apply for their generation. But there will be at least one rule that is constantly used, a real date with a guy who loves riding motorcycles.

Even if you love watching movies, don’t simply agree to be in the theater with a new guy for your first dating. He may be just a strange biker guy you meet in a biker dating site, and you both feel good on the site, which doesn’t mean he is the real biker man in your life. What if you really don’t know about his personalities, what if you don’t like this single biker guy or what if he is pretending to be a biker? Biker girls need to know that it is easy to say no in public places, not in a private place. A date night in a private place will lead to a lot of pressure and awkwardness to both biker men and biker women. So, here are 3 reasons why bikers should have a dinner date out.

1. The whole process of dinner requires talks. When biker guys parking the motorcycle outside of a restaurant, there will possibly be a man come to you and tell them where to park. And when you get to the table, you need to place an order, hear about the specials and etc. The whole process with people come and interrupt creates less pressure and give you chance to communicate. On the other hand, having someone around you will make you feel safe with a strange single biker guy.

2. There is an official end to your date. A meal always has a end, so your date has one too. If you are really not into this biker man, then you have every reason to end this night date, even if he offers to go to a second dating location. Don't feel awkward. It is best for both to refuse further dating with a Harley rider you are not interested in.

3. You don’t have to kiss him if you don’t want to. After saying goodbye, biker girls don’t have to kiss the biker guy they have zero interest in. And they shouldn’t feel awkward to refuse to be kissed by him. Because you are in public! Biker girls can just ride their motorcycles and leave without any clue to the biker date.