Some Safety Precautions that You Can Take Online

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You may have realized some of the potential warning signs, and how to present yourself in a good way, the next step to consider is how you can actively prevent yourself from becoming a victim. Once again, please keep in mind that the majority of biker or Harley singles that you meet on motorcycle dating sites are just like you, but there is still the occasional bad apple in the bunch. It doesn't matter if you are a motorcycle man or a biker woman, young or old- the potential for being targeted is always a possibility to be considered. Thankfully, there are concrete steps that you can take to make sure that potential problems don't turn into potential disasters.

First, if you get communication that you find offensive or inappropriate, immediately and politely reject the contact. If the persons opening volley makes you cringe, that is never a good sign, nor is it as sign of someone who is mature and willing to be in a good relationship. Remember, an ignorant email is not a cry for help, or an opening shot between two star-crossed lovers. It's not a sign of romantic angst, or an indication that no one understands this person. It is a sign of someone who is in desperate need of attention, and someone who isn't worth your time. The next step is the report the person's advertisement to the website security, detailing what was offensive, the time and date of the message, as well as the profile identity involved.

It is important not to argue, get into prolonged conversations, threaten, or try convincing the person of the error of their ways. First, it isn't your job, and second, elevating it in that manner will undoubtedly lead to a “he said, she said” type of situation. Nothing good can come of that. Instead, allow the website security personnel to perform their jobs. Simply make the report and block the user from ever contacting you again. That way you can spend your time concentrating on what really matters- finding someone to build a relationship with.

Unfortunately, in most cases the nefarious elements in an online community aren't so stupid as to fire all their guns on the opening attack. Many times they come across as being quite nice and sophisticated while you chatting online. Even if you feel like the person you are talking to online is the next Princess Di in your eyes, it is still a good idea to keep a good head on your shoulders. Once everyone feels comfortable enough to exchange contact information, it's a good idea to do a little investigating, just to make sure everything is on the up and up.