How to Attract the Biker Singles Matching Your Requirements

Attract other bikers to view your profile and contact you.
After you've created your profile on any biker or Harley dating sites, read it through, made some minor corrections, and uploaded a few great pictures of yourself riding motorcycle. You know how to present yourself in a positive light, and you're sure that potential predators won't be attracted to your profile. You've certainly started off on the right foot. But the question remains, what should you look for in the people that contact you for potential problems? Again, the use of your common sense in this situation is imperative. Essentially you want to look for people with the same riding style in a budding online relationship that you would consider in the real world.

It is important to pay attention to displays of anger, intense frustration, attempts to unduly influence your decisions, control you, or blatant disrespect. It's also important to keep an eye open for inconsistent information in what they say. It can be very difficult to keep up lies over time, and the majority of people will make mistakes after a while. While it is common for potential dates to beef up their exploits a little bit to make themselves sound more romantic or impressive, there is a big difference between saying that you won a local motorcycle rally when you came in third, and telling your potential date that you are a paramedic when you are in fact a garbage man.

Another sign that someone may be less than what they advertise is how they chose to communicate with you throughout the relationship. In the beginning it is perfectly acceptable, and preferable to communicate through instant messaging, email or through the websites internal forums. However, once an easy going online intimacy is established, it shouldn't be a problem to pick up the phone and actually talk every once in a while. Also, make sure you pay attention to the answers that they provide to your questions. If they consistently try to evade your questions, or give you complicated answers to a simple yes or no question, there may be a cause for concern. Often people who have something to hide or less than legitimate plans will try to confuse the situation or speak in complicated terms to get you off your game.

Another warning sign to consider is if there is a significant difference between what the person presents online, and what you find when you meet them in person. While small differences here or there are somewhat acceptable, your potential date should be honest about whom they are- just like you were. Anything less is a sign of either them being uncomfortable with who they are, or that they don't want you to know who they are. Either case should be unacceptable.