Do not Give More Information Than Necessary Before You're Ready

Present yourself as who you really are – someone who is independent, resourceful, fun, responsible and intelligent. Focus on your likes and dislikes, the activities that you enjoy, and other things that allow someone to know a thing or two about your personality, and not your life. Also, it's never a good idea to include financial information. If you're comfortably well off, it's not necessary to state how much money you made last year- that will only attract those searching for a meal ticket. Instead, if you feel the need to bring up that type of information – and at this stage there is no reason why you should- say something to the effect that you are comfortable financially. On the other side of things, don't advertise if you have a few struggles in the financial markets.  Sophisticated con artists have been known to troll dating sites in search of friends to invest in various “get rich quick” schemes that will leave you more penniless than before.

When considering your safety online, it's also important to consider which biker dating website that you use. Not every website is created equally, and quite a few have less than stellar online safety protocols. It's important to take a long and hard look at the various websites you choose to use. Look at their terms of service documents. What types of consequences are listed if the rules are disobeyed? Will your account information be deleted if you decide to remove your profile from the site? Does the site have a good reputation with third parties such as the Better Business Bureau or the Online Dating Magazine? Do you or your friends know of any “problems” with the website? These are all questions that you should ask well before you start building your profile for the website. Knowing this information will help you determine if the website is a safe place for you to look for a companion.

In a very real sense, safety on an online dating website can be summarized in three basic ideas:
1.Trust Your Instincts
2.Don't Give More Information Than Necessary Before You're Ready
3.Keep an Eye Open for the Warning Signs

If you can keep these ideas in mind, you'll be able to avoid much of the heartache and potential danger that exists on the World Wide Web today. The trick is, of course to keep these three ideas in mind, and still seek out a friend or companion without seeming too paranoid.