Bikers are a Special Breed Apart Looking for Specially Biker Match

Biker men prefer  to date a girl love to riding as a passenger
Bikers are born to ride as a special breed apart. Whether you ride with a classic like a Harley, or would rather enjoy a Kawasaki motorcycle, there is simply something about being on a bike that makes nearly everything a bit more sensible. There is room for individuality, a demand for integrity, and yes, even responsibility. There is a pride of being responsible for your own destiny, for making things right, and really only answering to yourself and for yourself.

Near the end of winter, veteran riders coming back to the home front sought out and found a way to keep the camaraderie and excitement that they had experienced in battle through riding and motorcycles. Harley riders got together drawn to each other and bonded through a sense of belonging and the love of the roar of their engines. Eventually these loose groups formed clubs, and in a very real sense a new social institution, or that of the motorcycle club. Soon, even the silver screen was getting into the act, producing movies like "The Wild One" that portrayed the classic outlaw persona of the biker.

As a biker, you are allowed to grow and mature as a person and as a member of society, there are also a number of health reasons why a solid relationship is important. Being in a relationship that is good for you can greatly reduce the amounts of stress you experience, which can lead to such things as lower blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and an increase in cardiovascular health.  Also, friendships and good relationships can also encourage a greater amount of exercise, leading to better muscle tone,  a more manageable weight, and of course a myriad of physical health benefits.

Indeed, some studies have indicated that solid biker relationship built on common riding interests and mutual respect can also help a person strengthen their immune system to fight off infections, including everything from the common cold through more serious diseases like tuberculosis. There are even some medical studies that indicate that people in strong and stable relationships have the potential to reduce their chance of developing diseases such as cancer or heart disease.

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